Are you also waiting for the next season of Sword Art Online? After the epic and heartbreaking scenes in Mother Rosario in 2014, and after rerunning both seasons for hundred times, we are so glad to inform fans that Sword Art Online Alicization has been officially announced!

With the sale of over 19 million copies worldwide, we all know that Sword Art Online is one of the bestselling novels out there. It has been a long time since the second season has finished. The creators are finally putting an end to our curiosity and wait!

The Release Date of Sword Art Online Season 3 is not yet clearly known, but it has been suggested that it will air in 2017.

The anime adaptation of the Alicization Arc announcement news came from the event Dengeki Bunko Festival in Tokyo, Japan.


In the 4th main arc of the SAO series, Kirito was offered a job by Kikuoka Seijurou at a private company named Rath. The work was to test out the Soul Translator (STL), the fourth generation experimental FullDive machine, which ran on entirely different principles. He was only tasked to remain in FullDive during weekends. As a security measure, his memories of the tests would be blocked.

However, Kirito did not know that the company was actually creating a Bottom-Up type Artificial Intelligence for military purposes. A soul of a newborn baby was copied and made as a template for creating the new AI, which would then be taken care of in the virtual world called Underworld. The timeline in this world is thousand times faster than in the real world. Kirito will get trapped in Underworld for 11 years as a child.