Gender: Female
Birthdate:  May 23, 2010
Avatar Name: Yuuki
Age: 15, died on March 29, 2026
Height: /
Weight: /

Yuuki Konno was the second main protagonist introduced in the new world of ALfheim Online. Her sister, Aiko Konno, created the guild called Sleeping Knights and once she died, Yuuki became its leader. Sleeping Knights are a guild of friends who met in Serene Garden, a virtual world for those who are terminally ill. Since they met, they visited various VR worlds and eventually ended in ALO. There, Yuuki was known as the Absolute Sword due to never losing a fight and her own skill called Mother’s Rosario.

In real life, Yuuki had short dark hair and extremely pale skin due to her sickness. In ALfheim Online, she had long purple hair and red eyes. She had a small and slim Imp-class body and wore a purple outfit with red stripes at the side. Yuuki was equipped with obsidian chest armor and a one-handed sword. She also had her own unique skill called Mother’s Rosario which she, later on, passed to Asuna.

The Sleeping Knights were created with the purpose of allowing their members to explore different worlds of virtual reality. The last world that they arrived in was the newer version of ALfheim Online. Their main goal in this world was to kill a floor boss alone and earn their place on the Monument of Swordsmen. This would be their final achievement before disbanding their guild, as more of the members, including Yuuki, were near their end.

Eventually, Sleeping Knights reached the boss room with some help from Kirito. Together with Asuna, they then proceeded to destroy the boss and achieve their final goal. Soon after, Yuuki was near her end and decided to log into ALO and spend her last moments in Asuna’s arms. Around 1,000 players gathered in order to give their farewells to the greatest player in ALO. Yuuki died at the age of 15.

Yuuki`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Yuuki Aoi
English: Erica Mendez

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