Gender: Female
Birthdate: /
Avatar Name: Yui, Yui-MHCP001
Age: /
Height: /
Weight: /

Yui was an artificial intelligence first located by Asuna and Kirito. She was wandering around the 22nd floor of SAO when they first met. She also reappeared in the ALO world and helped Kirito.

Yui resembled a cute little girl with black eyes and hair. She was wearing a white dress and a ribbon tied around it. At first, Yui appears as an innocent and frightened girl who lost her memories. She was looking for mom and dad. When she got her memories back, she told Kirito and Asuna that her original purpose was to monitor the players. She was drowning in the misery of others until she met Asuna and Kirito who brought her joy back to life.

After finding Yui in the SAO world, Asuna and Kirito took care of her. They didn’t know who she is, as she didn’t have a player cursor and neither was she an NPC. During the quest to locate Thinker, a powerful boss appeared and took half of the HP from Kirito and Asuna with just one swing. Kirito couldn’t identify its level, so he assumed that it had to be at least level 90. Luckily, Yui regained all of her memories during the fight. These provided her with the ability to access GM console and destroy the boss. After infiltrating the system, she was recognized as a bug and deleted. Kirito, however, was able to access the console and save her data on his NerveGear. He stored her programming into an object named Yui’s heart.

In the ALO world, Yui joined Kirito as a navigation pixie and was only the size of a palm. She helped him reach the top of the World Tree.

Yui`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Ito Kanae
English: Stephanie Sheh

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