Gender: Male
Birthdate: 1999
Avatar Name: XeXeeD
Age: 26
Height: /
Weight: /

Tamotsu Shigemura, known under character name XeXeeD, was first introduced in the Gun Gale Online world. He won the 2nd Bullet of Bullets competition by spreading false information about the allocation of stats. He was suggesting players to put their points on agility which proved out to be useless compared to strength. He partially also won due to possessing a very rare assault rifle and great defense equipment. Due to his arrogance and selfish acts, XeXeeD became the first target of Death Gun.

In GGO, XeXeeD was trying to appear as a cool star, wearing shades and a fancy white and blue costume. His hair was blue and had long forelocks. He also wore blue gloves and an earring.

During a broadcast when he was discussing another character’s build, Sterben walked to the screen and shot at it. XeXeeD’s voice froze and he disconnected soon after. A few days later, he was found dead in his apartment. Later in the story, it was revealed that Kyouji, his brother Shouichi, and another member of the Laughing Coffin Atsushi Kanamoto (Johnny Black), planned his murder and the murders of the other Death Gun victims. They made it look like they did the impossible by killing players within the game. Shouichi was the one who entered GGO as Sterben and attacked the players. At the time he shot them, Kyouji and Atsushi located their physical forms in the real life and injected them with succinylcholine which made their hearts stop. As they died in the real life, they also disconnected from the game, making it look like they were killed from within the game.

Tamotsu`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Kamiya Hiroshi
English: Grant George

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