Gender: Male
Birthdate: /
Avatar Name: Sigurd
Age: /
Height: /
Weight: /

Sigurd was first introduced in ALfheim Online as a Sylph warrior and a member of their bureaucracy. He was the right hand of Sakuya, the leader of Sylph, until he was banished for committing treason.

Sigurd is a tall elf with green hair and a golden circlet with a purple gem on his forehead. He was wearing a silver armor and a green cloak over it. He used a big broadsword as his main weapon. He appeared to be extremely arrogant and often treated his subjects as items that are at his disposal. Sigurd betrayed the Sylph and made plans on joining Salamanders in hopes of getting more power and conquering the skies.

Sigurd was beaten in the tournament against Leafa and lost the title of the strongest Sylph. He then recruited Leafa into his team in order to keep control over her. He tried to prevent Leafa from joining Kirito and was even ready to attack him. Later on, he betrayed his race and tried to assassinate Sakuya. After being unsuccessful, Sigurd was caught and exiled.

Sigurd`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Takuya Kirimoto
English: Tony Oliver

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