Gender: Female
Birthdate:  August 21, 2009
Avatar Name: Sinon
Age: 16
Height: 161 cm
Weight: /

Sinon, also known as Shino Asada in real life, is the main protagonist, besides Kirito, in the world of Gun Gale Online. She also appears in the newer world of ALfheim Online. During her childhood, she experienced trauma involving gunfire. Since then she was traumatized and extremely scared of guns. After hearing a suggestion from her friend, she joined GGO in order to overcome her fears.

Sinon was the best sniper, using a gun called Hecate, in the game and won the third Bullet of Bullets tournament alongside Kirito. After the GGO events, she joined ALfheim online and became a Cait Sith archer with extreme accuracy.

In real life, Shino was wearing eyeglasses and had black hair cut short at the back. She had pale skin and dark eyes. She was also left with a gunpowder burn mark on her right hand. In GGO, Sinon was a blue-haired sniper dressed in an olive-green suit and equipped with a bulletproof armor and a white scarf. In ALO, she maintained her blue hair but received ears and a tail due to her race as a Cait Sith. She wore a green coat, chest armor, and a dark choker.

Shino is a calm and friendly person. She mostly stays cool but certain events can bring back the negative memories from her youth. When she was young, her mother was attacked by a robber and Sinon killed him with his own gun to protect her mother. Sinon can also get violent if angered.

Sinon first met Kirito in GGO and mistook him for a girl. He then saw her in her underwear and decided to tell her the truth. She gave him a good slap and promised to beat him in the upcoming tournament. During the tournament, they both made it to the finals. Kirito showed no intention of fighting her, despite her will to get her revenge because Kirito beat her in a friendly match, and proposed to observe other contestants to determine who Death Gun is. Eventually, Death Gun appeared and killed Pale Rider, one of the contestants. Sinon tried to shoot him but he evaded the shot and escaped. Kirito and Sinon decided to pursue him without knowing his character name. Later on, Sinon was in a sniping position when she was suddenly shot from behind. It was Death Gun who shot her, and his name was revealed – Sterben. Kirito rescued her and together they killed Death Gun. They used a grenade to kill themselves and be proclaimed as co-winners of the tournament.

After the GGO events, Sinon was visited by the creator of Death Gun. He tried to kill her and she was resisting well for a while. Kirito arrived and together they managed to overpower him. Sometime after this, Sinon decided to participate in the ALO and met with Asuna and the rest.

Shino`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Sawashiro Miyuki
English: Michelle Ruff

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