Gender: Male
Birthdate: /
Avatar Name: Recon
Age: /
Height: /
Weight: /

Shinichi Nagata, also known as Recon, was first introduced in the Alfheim Online world. He is a part of the Sylph race and excels at dark magic and stealth. He is a good friend of Suguha Kirigaya, his classmate. He was her mentor in the game but she soon surpassed him.

Recon uses daggers for fighting and wears a long-sleeved cardigan and a green shirt underneath. He also wears loose brown trousers and dark gray boots. His appearance was created randomly and makes him looks similar to his real-life form. He has pointy elf ears and light green hair.

During the Fairy Dance Arc, Recon began to suspect something was wrong with their commander Sigurd. He followed him in secret and found out that he met with Salamanders and planned to sabotage the meeting that was held between Cait Sith and Sylph that same day. Recon then accidentally revealed his presence and was paralyzed by the enemies. He logged out and warned Suguha about their plans in real life. This action allowed Leafa and Kirito to reach the meeting in time and protect the alliance between the Slyph and Cait Sith.

After professing his love to Leafa, Recon helped Kirito and Leafa to fight the Guardians of the World Tree. The guardians began targeting Leafa, and Recon decided to protect her by luring their attacks to himself. He, later on, sacrificed himself and caused a big explosion. This bought Kirito and Leafa enough time for the Cait Sith and Sylph reinforcements to arrive.

Recon`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Ayumu Murase
English: Marianne Miller

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