Gender: Male
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Avatar Name: Schmitt
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Schmitt is a side character participating in the death game along with 10,000 other players. After getting trapped in the Sword Art Online, he joined a guild called Golden Apple which was led by Griselda. The guild comprised of only 8 members and was driven by the purpose of clearing the game and ending the horrifying deaths once and for all. Once the guild disbanded, he joined Divine Dragons Alliance and became its sub-leader.

Schmitt has short brown hair, deep voice, and thick eyebrows. As he became a member of the Divine Dragons Alliance, he started wearing a silver-blue high-level heavy armor. He was a front-liner and one of the top tanks in the whole game. In Battles, Schmitt used a big shield and a 2-meter long lance. While he appears to be very brave, he is in fact very scared of dying. He decided to put on a tough-guy show in order to level up faster and increase his chances of survival.

While he was still in Golden Apple guild, the members found a valuable ring from a mighty dungeon monster. They couldn’t reach an agreement on what to do with the drop and that led to a dispute between the members. Griselda took the item for an appraisal and never returned. Other members eventually discovered that she was killed during her trip.

After several months have passed and the guild has disbanded, Asuna and Kirito began investigating what seemed to be a murder case within the ‘Area’. This mysterious case was devised by supposedly dead Caynz and his girlfriend Yolko, who were trying to find the real murderer of their guild leader Griselda. They took advantage of Kirito and Asuna, in order to discover who the real criminal behind Griselda’s death is. Schmitt, who thought that Griselda’s ghost is after him, went to her grave and confessed that he was unknowingly a part of the murder. Nevertheless, it was found out that it was Grimlock, the real-life husband of Griselda, who planned the murder.

After these events, Schmitt has proven to be a valuable member of the raid against the Laughing Coffin. He also participated in killing the 75th-floor boss, The Skull Reaper. Schmitt survived and was logged out of the game once Kirito killed Heathcliff.

Schmitt`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Masayuki Katou
English: Kaiji Tang

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