Gender: Female
Birthdate: /
Avatar Name: Sachi
Age: /
Height: /
Weight: /

Sachi is a side character first introduced in the third episode of the Aincrad Arc. After getting trapped in the death game, Sachi soon joined the guild called Moonlit Black Cats led by Keita. The guild was small in numbers, but the members were all very close real-life friends. The other members of the guild included Keita, Tetsuo, Sasamaru, and Ducker.

Sachi was a timid little girl who was very afraid of dying. She had black hair reaching her shoulders and wore a blue tunic and a chest guard. She was also wearing a skirt and gray boots. Sachi mentioned that she is not fond of fighting and that she is scared. She tried wearing a shield to provide the guild with an extra tank but was too afraid to confront monsters from close-up. After that, she switched back to her original weapon, a long spear.

In April 2023, Moonlit Black Cats were clearing a labyrinth and found themselves in troubles. They were saved by Kirito who lied about his level and later on decided to join the guild and aid the members until they became independent. Kirito and Sachi got very close, whereas Kirito helped in training her how to fight. She was very timid and one day ran away. Kirito found her and comforted her by saying that she won’t die.

One day, Keita went to look for a house for his guild, while the rest of the members went on a hunt in the labyrinth on the 27th floor. They found a treasure room and found themselves trapped in it. Sachi and everyone else, except Kirito, were killed by the monsters. After learning about these events, their guild leader committed suicide. The same year on Christmas, Kirito received a delayed message from Sachi saying that she knew his real level and that she wants him to keep on fighting.

Sachi`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Hayami Saori
English: Xanthe Huynh

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