Gender: Female
Birthdate: May 18, 2007
Avatar Name: Lisbeth
Age: 15-18
Height: /
Weight: /

Rika Shinozaki, also known as Lisbeth, appeared in the SAO world as a blacksmith. After the Death Game ended, she began playing ALO where she became a Leprechaun blacksmith. Upon getting trapped in the SAO, she soon opened her own store located in Lindarth.

In real life, Rika looks like an ordinary girl with brown hair. In SAO, she began with brown hair as well but soon customized it and made it pink. Her eyes were also pink. She was dressed more like a maid than a blacksmith, wearing a red top with puffed white sleeves and a short skirt. Lisbeth wore a mace and a small shield during battling. In ALO, she also had pink hair and she wore a dress which was red and white in color.

Lisbeth is a joyful and friendly person. However, if angered, as she was when Kirito broke one of her swords, she can become quite aggressive. She was a good friend of Asuna and often teased her about her relationship with Kirito, even though she also had feelings for him.

Lisbeth and Kirito first met when he visited her store on June 25, 2024. He wanted to have a custom sword made and she made him one. He tested the sword with his other sword, the Elucidator, and broke it. Lisbeth got angry as her pride suffered a major hit, so she decided that she will make him a better sword than the one he already has. They went on a quest in the 55th floor to acquire the necessary materials. Soon after accepting the related quest, they were attacked by X’rphan, the White Wyrm boss. As the dragon was almost defeated, Lisbeth revealed herself and got blown away by the dragon’s attack. Kirito followed her and they both ended up in a deep hole where the dragon came from. The next day they completed the quest and she made him a new sword, called the Dark Repulser.

Rika`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Takagaki Ayahi
English: Sarah Anne Williams

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