Gender: Female
Birthdate:  October 4, 2010
Avatar Name: Silica
Age: 12-15
Height: /
Weight: /

Keiko Ayano appears in Sword Art Online and ALfheim Online as Silica. She is a support and reoccurring character. In SAO, she was a beast tamer and the name of her companion was Pina. Later on, in ALO, she joined the Cait Sith.

Silica is a kind and joyful person. She showed extreme compassion as she was willing to do anything to revive her dead pet. At times, she was easily embarrassed and acted childishly. In SAO, Silica was equipped with daggers. Similarly, as in real life, she had brown hair tied into two ponytails. She wore a yellowish robe which she later on replaced with a red one. In ALO, she had cat ears and a tail due to her commitment to the Cait Sith race. She also chose blue as the new color for her character.

On February 2024, Silica was in the forest hunting with her party when Rosalia confronted them. Silica has left the party as she was unwilling to give in to the bully. Later on, she got lost and attacked by monsters. Frightened and alone, she was easily overpowered. When the monsters were about to deliver the final blow her pet Pina sacrificed itself to protect Silica. She was then rescued by Kirito who told her that she can revive her pet. He promised to help her and they went back to the town together. The next day, they went together on the 47th floor and obtained Pneuma Flower, an item capable of reviving pets.

Soon after they got the item, they were ambushed by the Titan’s Hand. The attack was led by Rosalia and a bunch of her guild members. Kirito’s health regeneration was superior to all of the attacks combined, therefore leaving him without a scar. At first, Silica was scared but she soon realized just how powerful Kirito is. The members of the Titan’s Hand then surrendered, leaving Rosalia cornered. She tried to manipulate Kirito by saying that he will become orange if he hurts her. He then pointed a sword at her neck and sent them all to the Black Iron Palace jail. This meant the end for the Titan’s Hand guild.

Later in the story, it was revealed that Silica successfully revived Pina. Silica met with the other players in the real world and began playing ALO after that. She was also present in the Phantom Bullet Arc, as she was watching the tournament and supported Kirito.

Keiko`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Hidaka Rina
English: Christine Marie Cabanos

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