Gender: Male
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Avatar Name: Jun
Age: /
Height: /
Weight: /

Jun was a support character introduced in the new world of ALfheim Online, during the Mother’s Rosario Arc. He was a close-range tank swordsman of the Sleeping Knights guild, a group of friends who met in Serene Garden, a virtual world for those who are terminally ill. Since they first met, they visited various VR worlds and eventually ended in ALO. There, Jun chose the Salamander race.

Jun is a short young boy with orange hair and red eyes. During his free time in the game, he wore a simple red shirt and brown trousers. In battles, he was equipped with red full plate armor and a large two-handed sword that is almost bigger than him. Jun, like the rest of the Sleeping Knights, was also sick. He was diagnosed with cancer. Despite his sickness, he remained cheerful and was looking forward to exploring new places and experiencing new things.

The main goal of the Sleeping Knights in the ALO world was to kill a floor boss alone and earn their place on the Monument of Swordsmen. This would be their final achievement before disbanding their guild, as more of the members were near their end. Eventually, Sleeping Knights reached the boss room with some help from Kirito. Together with Asuna, they then proceeded to destroy the boss and achieve their final goal. The Sleeping Knights were then disbanded and all of the members, including Jun, soon reunited to defeat two more bosses and say their farewells to Yuuki.

Jun`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Yamashita Daiki
English: Max Mittelman

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