Gender: Male
Birthdate: /
Avatar Name: Dyne
Age: /
Height: /
Weight: /

Dyne is a support character first introduced in the Gun Gale Online during the Phantom Bullet Arc. He was a commander of the PvP unit that preys upon weaker players in order to easily gain an advantage over them.

Dyne had a rough face accompanied with a well-built body structure. He had a mustache and wore a cowboy-like uniform, including brown boots, a hat, brown trousers, and a yellow coat. In combat, he uses a rare assault rifle.

Dyne had a nasty attitude. He was arrogant towards weaker foes and ran away when the opponent was stronger than him. Despite his ugly character, he is quite capable, especially from shooting from long distances.

One time, Dyne was leading a squad which involved Sinon. They planned on ambushing another group but were greatly overpowered because Dyne didn’t listen to the suggestions that Sinon made. As a last resort, he exploded himself using a grenade. Sinon finished their job by shooting Behemoth in the head. She, however, lost a leg in the process. Dyne also appeared in the 3rd Bullet of Bullets tournament where he was being hunted and killed by Pale Rider.

Dyne`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Tsuruoka Satoshi
English: Dan Woren

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