Gender: Male
Birthdate: /
Avatar Name: Diavel
Age: /
Height: /
Weight: /

Diavel was a part of the 10,000 players that got stuck in Sword Art Online, the death game. He was also one of the few beta testers that admitted their participation in the beta run. Due to that fact, he was chosen as the raid leader of the party that challenged Illfang the Kobold Lord, the 1st-floor boss. He also died in this fight, as he was trying to make the last hit and get the loot for himself.

Diavel made a great leader and had an advanced sense of strategy and tactics. He inspired many players and saved them from dying. Nevertheless, his darker side got him killed in the end. He was being selfish and wanted to make sure to get the last hit during the first boss raid. He even assigned Kirito as a support because he was afraid that Kirito would go for the kill.

Diavel was wearing blue clothes and bronze body armor. He used a big longsword and a kite shield in his fights. His hair and eyes were blue in color.

Diavel`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Hiyama Nobuyuki
English: Sean Chiplock

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