Gender: Male
Birthdate: /
Avatar Name: Daizen
Age: /
Height: /
Weight: /

Daizen was a part of the 10,000 players that got stuck in Sword Art Online, the death game. He joined the ranks of the Knights of the Blood and became one of the guild’s commanders as well as the head of finances.

Daizen was a very short man with a fat body figure. He had black hair and a round face. He wore the standard outfit of the Knights of the Blood, a red and white clothing with metal body armor. Kirito once mentioned that it wouldn’t be possible to find a less appropriate person to wear that uniform.

Daizen was a materialistic and money-driven type of person. He was seen on the 75th floor where he organized the fight between Heathcliff and Kirito and was selling the tickets for the match. The Knights of the Blood made a lot of money with the event and pushed Kirito into joining them. Daizen was lucky enough to survive the game and was logged out once Kirito defeated Heathcliff.

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