Gender: Female
Birthdate: September 30, 2007
Avatar Name: Asuna
Age: 15-18
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 55 kg

Asuna Yuuki, also known under character name Asuna, was a deuteragonist in the Aincrad Arc and the protagonist in the Mother’s Rosario side story. She played both in the world of SAO and ALO and was a spectator in the world of GGO. She is the partner of Kirito and a daughter of the formed RECT Inc. CEO. Asuna was amongst the 10,000 people who got trapped in the Death Game.

Both in real life and in SAO, Asuna has orange-brown hair and brown eyes. She is a natural beauty and one of the top waifu according to the ratings of anime fans. In the beginning of the Death Game, Asuna wore a red and white outfit, leather pants, and a dark red cloak. She soon joined Knights of the Blood and from then on she wore their standard white and red outfit. As the primary weapon, she used a rapier called Lambent Light. Her super skillful handling of the weapon earned her a nickname ‘The Flash’. In ALO, Asuna played as a healer of the Undine race. She had blue hair and wore blue and white clothes. Despite being a healer she often couldn’t resist charging to the fronts which got her the nickname ‘Berserk Healer’.

Before meeting Kirito in SAO, Asuna didn’t have an urge to live. After that, she was determined to clear the game as soon as possible. One time, Kirito even told her to calm down and enjoy SAO for a bit, because she was constantly thinking about fighting and nothing else. At times, Asuna can be very proud and not afraid to challenge those who stand up to her. Nevertheless, she is very kind and always willing to help those in need.

During the Aincrad Arc, Kirito and Asuna soon met. They worked together during the fight against Illfang the Kobold Lord, the 1st floor’s boss. After separating for a while, they always found way back to one another. Asuna eventually became the sub-leader of the guild called Knights of the Blood. Since then, she organized raids and boss fights, sometimes together with Kirito. After Kirito joined her guild as well, they spent more time together. Once the 75th-floor boss was defeated, Heathcliff, the leader of her guild, was revealed to be the one who trapped them in the game. He killed Asuna and was defeated by Kirito. Upon clearing the game, Asuna remained trapped, however this time in ALO, the copy of SAO. She remained locked in a birdcage on top of the World Tree until Kirito rescued her. During that time, she was also constantly harassed by Sugou who was planning on marrying her in real life despite her state.

During the Phantom Bullet Arc, Asuna was a spectator of the tournament in which Kirito and Sinon were looking for Death Gun. Asuna was also the main protagonist in the Mother’s Rosario Arc, where she helped the Sleeping Knights defeat the 29th-floor boss. She became good friends with Yuuki, who later on died in her arms due to her sickness.

“I’d rather stay the way I am until the last moment. Even if a monster beats me and I die. I won’t lose to this game or this world, no matter what.” – Asuna

Asuna`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Tomatsu Haruka
English: Cherami Leigh

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