Gender: Female
Birthdate: 2000
Avatar Name: Siune
Age: 20
Height: /
Weight: /

An Si-eun, also known as Siune, was a support character introduced in the new world of ALfheim Online, during the Mother’s Rosario Arc. She was s sub-leader of the Sleeping Knights guild, a group of friends who met in Serene Garden, a virtual world for those who are terminally ill. Since they first met, they visited various VR worlds and eventually ended in ALO. There, Siune chose to be an Undine, one of the nine races found in ALO.

In real life, Siune wears a black haired wig, as she has lost her real hair due to chemotherapy. She had already beaten cancer but the disease returned. She is also wearing eyeglasses and black clothes. In ALfheim Online, Siune wears blue clothes while not fighting. When she’s in a battle, she uses a rare cleric-based blue and white robe and a hat. She uses a silver staff as her main weapon. In the game, Siune has long light blue hair and deep-blue eyes. She is a very kind and emotional girl who gave up on trying many times.

The main goal of the Sleeping Knights in the ALO world was to kill a floor boss alone and earn their place on the Monument of Swordsmen. This would be their final achievement before disbanding their guild, as more of the members were near their end. Eventually, Sleeping Knights reached the boss room with some help from Kirito. Together with Asuna, they then proceeded to destroy the boss and achieve their final goal. The Sleeping Knights were then disbanded. Siune approached Asuna and told her not to look for them anymore. Nevertheless, Asuna met with Yuuki in the hospital and motivated her not to give up yet. The members of the Sleeping Knights then returned to the game and played together for a while longer. One day, Yuuki died. The day after her death, Siune received news from her doctors that she has been cured.

An Si-eun`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Shimamura Yū (嶋村 侑)
English: Erika Harlacher

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