Gender: Male
Birthdate: 1995-1996
Avatar Name: Heathcliff
Age: 28
Height: /
Weight: /

Akihiko Kayaba, also known under the character name Heathcliff, was the development director of the Sword Art Online world. He also designed the NerveGear, The Seed, and the Cardinal System. As the game master of the game, he was the main antagonist of the Aincrad Arc. As Heathcliff, he was leading the most powerful guild called Knights of the Blood.

In real life, Akihiko was wearing scientist-like clothes. He was thin and had short hair and a sharp face. As Heathcliff, he was muscular, well-built, and in general, unlike his true form. He had gray hair and wore full body armor in colors of the Knights of the Blood. The red and white color, however, were reversed.

Akihiko was a mysterious man with a calm voice. He was not arrogant at all and accepted his defeat with a smile on his face. While he had no empathy for his life or the lives of others, he was sincere in everything he said. He also believed that the virtual world that he created was something of higher value.

At the beginning of the Death Game, Akihiko appeared in the sky as the GM in a cloaked form to introduce the rules to other players. He then played together with them as Heathcliff and eventually created his own guild which became the strongest guild in the game. Heathcliff had a unique skill called the Holy Sword and wielded a one-handed sword and a tower shield named Liberator. Due to his status as GM, he was able to turn himself into an immortal object if his HP fell below 50%.

Heathcliff was active in guild affairs and clearing of the game. After the boss fight on the 75th floor, his true identity was revealed by Kirito. He then paralyzed everyone, killed Asuna, and stabbed Kirito. As Kirito’s HP reached 0, he managed to land a final blow and finish the game. After that, Akihiko explained himself to Asuna and Kirito as the world was falling apart.

During the Fairy Dance Arc, Akihiko reappeared as a program awakened by Kirito’s powerless attempts to destroy Oberon. He encouraged him to stand up to the power of the system and gave him his game access ID. He was able to outrank Oberon’s ID with it and finish him for good.

Akihiko`s Voice Actor/Actress: 

Japanese: Yamadera KoichiOhkawa Toru (Heathcliff)
English: Marc DiraisonKevin M. Connolly (Heathcliff)

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