Kirito’s friends are watching the BoB stream wondering how Kirito is doing. Klein thinks Kirito may be employing a strategy but the girls are positive that he is using a straightforward approach. The BoB recording shows Pale Rider fighting against Dyne and they are all amazed by Pale Rider’s skills. They are even more amazed when Pale Rider is stunned and Death Guns appears.


Yui, Asuna, Lisbeth, Leafa, and Silica watching the tournament

In GGO, Kirito is asking Sinon to stop Death Gun from shooting Pale Rider. She snipes Death Gun but he dodges the bullet. He seems to be aware of their location. Meanwhile, Pale Rider manages to recover for a moment and disconnects from the game. Death Gun shouts his own name and vows to defeat everyone at one point. At the cafe, Asuna and Klein realize they know Death Gun from Sword Art Online. Klein recognizes him as being a Laughing Coffin member but not the leader. Back at the Bob tournament, Kirito tells Sinon that Death Gun is somehow able to kill players for real. Sinon checks the map to see where Death Gun went. His marker cannot be seen which leads Sinon to think he must be underwater and vulnerable as his gear must be unequipped else he would drown. She is confident that she can defeat him but Kirito thinks it’s too dangerous. He tells her that Death Gun is aware that he is killing people for real as he used to do that in another MMO, although he doesn’t name which one, and once again remembers he did that too. Sinon drifts away for a moment as she remembers the bank robbery but Kirito snaps her back to reality. She finds it hard to believe that it’s really possible to kill people for real but is sure Kirito wouldn’t be lying on purpose. She suggests they should be changing location and he says he is going to hunt Death Gun alone. Sinon convinces him they stand a better chance of defeating him if they work as a team. Just in time, Kirito draws his sword to deflect bullets fired by a player hiding nearby. They make quick work of him and head up to the ruins as Sinon thinks that is the place where Death Gun may be heading.


Kirito and Sinon team up

At the cafe, Klein remembers about the raid against Laughing Coffin in Sword Art Online. Asuna decides to contact Kikouka and asks Yui to do some research on GGO.

In GGO, Kirito and Sinon are rushing towards the ruins. They think Death Gun might already be in the city. Their objective is to prevent him from killing players but they don’t know the name he registered under for the BoB tournament. With Pale Rider dead, there are now only two unknown players who could be Death Gun. Based on one’s name and remembering Death Gun making the sign of the cross when he was getting ready to kill Pale Rider, they decide Jushi X must be Death Gun’s BoB name. Kirito decides to go as bait so Sinon can snipe Death Gun. They locate Jushi X on the map and figure out who is his next target. They come up with a plan to assault Death Gun. Sinon reminds herself that once they are done with Death Gun, their partnership will be over and she can finally defeat him. Suddenly, she falls to the ground with a stun bullet in her leg. Death Gun materializes next to her. His plan is to anger Kirito by killing Sinon to find out if Kirito is “the real deal”. Death Gun draws his handgun and Sinon desperately notices that it’s the same model as the one the robber had. She sees the robber’s face in the barrel of Death Gun’s weapon. A gunshot is heard.