In GGO, before the start of the BoB tournament, Kirito remembers his encounter with Death Gun and recaps the death of the two hardcore players. He notices that both were killed in plain sight after a BoB tournament. If Death Gun is to kill again then this BoB event makes a good opportunity. Kirito is sure that Death Gun will be at the tournament. He is committed to unmasking him.

At the BoB area, Kirito persuades Sinon to give him advice about the tournament. The walk together into the lobby where all players are engaged in tournament and tactics related discussions. They recognize Kirito as being the sword user. He takes advantage of his avatar’s feminine looks to gain some fans. Sinon and Kirito find a free table and start talking about the tournament. Despite Sinon being still upset, she tells him what he needs to know about the tournament but points out that he should have all the details in the email. Thirty players take part in a battle royale match in a huge arena that measures 10 kilometers in diameter. Each player has a device to track other players. The location is updated once every 15 minutes. Sinon gets up from the table to leave but Kirito stops her saying there is something else he wants to talk about. She takes a seat. He asks her if there’s any BoB qualifier that is a new player. She points out three names and demands to know the truth. He tells her about his recent encounter with an old enemy and the fact that he killed three players in order to stop them from killing others. He leaves out names and the fact that this happened in Sword Art Online. Sinon reminds him of the moment when he asked her if she could kill someone to prevent a tragedy. She then asks him what is the game he is talking about but Kirito doesn’t reply. Sinon wants to say something else but instead she suggests they should get ready for the tournament. In the elevator, Sinon tells him that this time he should fight her for real.


Kirito and Sinon heading for the tournament

The MMO Stream moderator is announcing that the tournament is about to begin and the audience starts the countdown. A fireworks show starts when the countdown reaches zero.

The tournament is on. Participants are shown fighting. Sinon takes down a player with her Hecate 2 gun. Players in the audience cheer for her. Sinon consults the map looking for her next target. For a second, she wants to check where Kirito is but she changes her mind. Just as she was getting ready to snipe Dyne, the leader of the PvP squad she was part of, she is interrupted by Kirito who asks not to do it because he want to observe the fight between Dyne and another player. She agrees and threatens Kirito once again. They begin watching. A masked player called Pale Rider is approaching Dyne who has his weapon ready. He starts shooting but the masked player acrobatically dodges all the bullets as he gets closer to Dyne and finishes him. Kirito thinks he might be Death Gun and Sinon gets ready to snipe him. Suddenly, Pale Rider is shot in the shoulder and falls to the ground. Kirito realizes that the tracking system does not see underwater player. They notice that Pale Rider was incapacitated with a stun bullet. Next to him, stands Death Gun. Sinon recognizes Death Gun’s weapon as being a rare sniper gun with a silencer. Death Gun makes the sign of the cross as he prepares to take Pale Rider down for good. Kirito urges Sinon to shoot at Death Gun.


Death Gun at the BoB tournament