Kirito and Suguha are having dinner. She points out that Kirito’s name appears in a BoB news but he clumsily insists it is just a coincidence and resumes eating.

Kirito is convinced that Death Gun is a Sword Art Online player and something tells him they’ve crossed swords in the past. Although Kirito never told Suguha he transferred his character to GGO, she figured that out and kept quiet because she was sure he wouldn’t do this without a good reason. After dinner, Kirito is talking to Asuna on the phone. He is acting worryingly but insists that everything is fine and he will be back to Asuna and Yui in ALfheim Online in a few days. He ponders over Asuna’s offer to help him in GGO but he doesn’t want to involve her. Suguha senses that whatever he is doing in GGO is having a damaging effect on him and urges him to be careful. He tells her that tonight will be the last night for him in GGO and everything will return to normal. He promises to get her a present with the money he is getting as payment.


Suguha asking Kirito to be careful

On a playground, Shinkawa is listening to Sinon being angry at Kirito and notices that he must have really made an impression on her because she talks a lot about him. Shinkawa suggests to ambush Kirito as a revenge and even offers to bring along other players. Sinon refuses as she wants a fair fight and she is confident she will get to have one in today’s match. Without realizing it, she makes an imaginary pistol sign with her hand. Shinkawa grabs her hands and confesses he is worried about her as she seems to have lost her cool and she is acting all emotional. As Sinon is thinking about how the robbery event changed her life, Shinkawa gives her a hug but she pushes him away saying she is not ready to be romantically involved. Sinon asks him to wait until she will be better and he silently agrees.


Sinon and Shinkawa at the playground

While Kirito is driving to the hospital, he remembers last night’s nightmare with Death Gun and the players from Laughing Coffin. At the hospital, he is asking nurse Aki if she remembers any of her dying patients. She says she remembers them all, their names and faces. He then asks her if she ever wishes to forget about them. She believes that the more a person thinks about something bothering, the more unforgettable that memory becomes. He confesses that he killed the players in Sword Art Online in anger and that he doesn’t remember their names or faces. Aki tries to comfort him by saying that she is sure he killed the players to defend himself or to protect others. Kirito gets even more upset but he calms down when Aki reminds him of all the players he saved. As she connects him to the network, he thanks her.

Back at her home, Sinon keeps thinking about what happened earlier with Shinkawa. She logs into GGO determined to defeat Kirito.

In ALfheim Online, Leafa, Lisbeth, Silica, Asuna, and Klein are fighting against a poisonous boss. Klein almost dies because Asuna is deep in thought and forgets to heal him. After they defeat the boss, she apologizes but everyone acts understandingly as they know it’s Kirito’s tournament today. They decide to watch the match.

In GGO, Sinon is arriving at the tournament area and she is annoyed by the fact that Kirito is one position ahead of her in the leaderboards. Spiegel wishes her luck and declares his feelings for her but she tells him that this is not a good moment. She meets Kirito in the tournament lobby and both of them are confident about winning the tournament.