Death Gun keeps asking Kirito is he is “the real deal” but Kirito doesn’t know what that means. He is visibly frightened after Death Gun threatens to kill him one day.

Kirito is agitated as he remembers that Laughing Coffin was a player killing guild in Aincrad. A memory from Sword Art Online triggers. Kirito, Asuna, and a bunch of other players are closing in Laughing Coffin’s headquarters. The leader warns they shouldn’t hold back as the enemy won’t do that either. Suddenly, they are ambushed by Laughing Coffin members but manage to gather their wits and to dominate the opponent. They offer the choice of surrender but Laughing Coffin members are prepared to fight to the death. Eventually, Kirito’s party wins the fight but loses 10 members. Out of 20 kills, two belong to Kirito. Back in the present moment, Kirito suddenly realizes that the masked figure from earlier has the same voice as Death Gun.


Kirito fighting against the Laughing Coffin

Kirito’s trail of thoughts is interrupted by Sinon who notices that he is in shock and thinks it’s from the match that just ended. As she gives him a nudge on the shoulder, Kirito desperately grabs her hand but he is teleported to the next match before having the chance to say something.

The opponent opens fire as soon as Kirito materializes on the battleground. He lets out a long sigh and charges at the opponent, sword in one hand, pistol in the other. He takes a leap, landing behind the opponent, and finishes him with the laser sword. Viewers, including Shinkawa and Sinon, are amazed by his tactics.

Sinon is waiting for her opponent but Kirito keeps popping into her head breaking her concentration. She wastes the first shot but her second one finds its target. Sinon wins the match.


Kirito defeating Sinon

Kirito and Sinon are paired for the next match. She finds a camping spot and starts devising a strategy. Through the scope of her gun she sees Kirito calmly approaching and wonders if he is that cocky or plain ignorant. She gets nervous and misses shot after shot. Agitated, Sinon runs in the street to meet Kirito and yells at him for refusing to fight. He realizes that this is more than just a game for both of them and asks for one more chance at a real match. He provokes her to a duel. Sinon’s shot is anticipated by Kirito who gets closer and has her under the sword. He confesses that he was able to predict the shot by seeing her eye through the scope of the gun. He says this takes skills not strength. She remains unconvinced that a skill could trump strength. He asks her if she could kill someone in the game knowing that they will be killed for real and if she would do this to protect loved ones. She realizes that his past might be similar to hers. He still carries the burden of killing the Laughing Coffin players. Kirito asks Sinon to willingly admit defeat and, before she does that, she promises to get him next time. All players, including Death Gun, watch Kirito being declared the winner of the match.