Kirito and Sinon race to the registration office that closes in five minutes.

As Kirito and Sinon walk into the building, he wonders if Death Gun is among those players. Sinon explains how to register for the BoB tournament. Kirito gets worries when he notices that he has to input his real data into the sign-up form. He gets startled when Sinon ask if he is done and completes the registration with no data. He is assigned in the preliminary group F-37. She is in F-12. She warns him she won’t hold back should they be matched against each other. They start to discuss about Zaskar, the company who developed GGO. Kirito notices the lack of info about Zaskar and Sinon tells him that all the interaction between the player and the company such as tech support and money conversion is done within the game. She drifts away in thoughts telling that the game is so secluded from the real world that she and her avatar feel like different persons. They head to the preliminary area.


Kirito and Sinon signing up for the tournament

Kirito is somehow intimidated by all the players and Sinon comments that they’ve come early just to show off their weapons. Kirito and Sinon proceed to change into their combat outfits and Kirito is embarrassed when Sinon, who still thinks he is a girl, takes off her outfit. He then confesses he is not a girl. He gets slapped by a raging underwear wearing only Sinon. Although she is upset about him pretending to be a girl, she explains the rules of the tournament. Two opponents are teleported to the battleground that has the shape of a cube with a 1km side. Landscape and weather are randomly generated. Each player needs to win five matches to enter the next phase of the tournament which is a battle royale game. Snidely, Sinon tells Kirito her name declaring that she will defeat him and all the other strong players. She then dismisses Kirito’s attempt to be friendly. The two are interrupted by Spiegel (Shinkawa’s GGO avatar) who is there to cheer for Sinon. He also mistakes Kirito for a girl but Sinon quickly tells him he is a boy. Kirito and Sinon break into another argument about him conceiving his real identity when the presenter announces the beginning of the tournament.


Kirito and Sinon in their battle gear

Kirito is waiting to be teleported to the tournament field and he is wondering if it’s possible for Sinon to be Death Gun. He will know the answer only if he gets to fight against her.

Kirito spawns on the tournament map. He hides behind a column and looks around for his opponent. All of a sudden he is under attack and gets hit a couple of times. He takes cover while thinking about a strategy. Although his opponent is pretty far he manages to hear him moving and heads towards his location, deflecting bullets with his laser sword. Kirito fires a few shots with the pistol preventing the opponent from reloading and finishes him off with the sword. He is relieved he won and nervous about having to win four more matches.

He gets teleported back to the lobby and wonders what Sinon is doing. A hooded man behind him asks if he is “the real deal”. Surprised, Kirito jumps back. Death Gun comes closer repeating the question and Kirito sees on his hand the Laughing Coffin’s logo. This used to be a PK guild in Sword Art Online.