Kirito’s character spawns in GGO and he notices how different this world is from ALfheim Online. A shocked Kirito observes how feminine his character looks. Seems like his avatar model is very rare as a random player wishes to buy it. Attracting unwanted attention from male players, Kirito wanders the city. He spots Sinon who mistakes him for a girl and offers to show a newbie around. Kirito plays along and asks Sinon to take him to a gun store and to the governor ‘s office. As they walk, Kirito tells Sinon that he wants to sign up for the BoB tournament. She warns him that GGO is a hardcore game especially for a new player. At the guns store, Sinon counsels Kirito on his gun choice based on his main stats that happen to be strength and speed. She notices that he doesn’t have the money to buy a proper gun for BoB and offers to lend him some money. He refuses and instead asks her what are a newbie’s money making options in GGO. They end up at the gambling area.


Kirito and Sinon walking around the gun store

Sinon explains him the rules of the Untouchable! gambling game and why no one managed to beat it in a long time. As they watch a player’s attempt to beat the game, Sinon explains how the bullet line mechanic works. The player fails to reach the NPC and the game’s prize pool increases. Kirito figures out why no one was able to win the game and confidently enters it. The crowd and Sinon stand in shock when Kirito beats the game and receives the grand prize. Sinon is amazed by Kirito’s speed and fast reflexes and that he managed to predict everything.


Kirito playing Untouchable!

Back at the gun store, Kirito is browsing guns while Sinon is asking about his previous MMO experiences. He says that he only played fantasy games before. They go back to gun shopping. Kirito’s attention is drawn by laser swords. Sinon explains why melee weapons are not good in GGO but Kirito buys one despite her advice. As Kirito tries out his new weapon, Sinon notices that he doesn’t look like a newbie when he is holding a sword. She insists on him getting a fire weapon too and some more equipment.

At the firing range, Sinon instructs Kirito on how to aim with his new FN Five Seven pistol. The gun practice ends and the two talk more about the tournament. Sinon notices that it is already late and they might not make it in time for the sign-ups. As they run towards the registration office, Sinon explains why they cannot use the teleport feature when Kirito gets an idea. He rents a buggy and once again Sinon is puzzled by the fact that a new player can handle such a vehicle. He says he used to play racing games. They both enjoy the exciting ride to the registration office.