In the real world, Sinon is grocery shopping after school when she suddenly hears someone calling by her real name, Shino Asada.

In an alley, three girls are bullying Sinon into lending them money. She refuses. The leader of the gang threatens her with an imaginary pistol causing Sinon to have a panic attack. The girls run away when they hear someone alerting the police. It turns out that the one who shouted for the police is Shinkawa Kyoji, Sinon’s friend.


Sinon and Shinkawa at the cafe

Sinon and Shinkawa are having tea at Cafe Louvre. Shinkawa commends Sinon’s victory over Behemoth, who is a reputable GGO player. They talk about the upcoming BoB tournament and Shinkawa is in awe at Sinon’s fantastic Hecate 2 gun and is amazed that she invested her points into strength, the stat that allows her to use the weapon. He is upset as he is running an agility built that isn’t good enough for hardcore activities. In an attempt to change the subject, Sinon asks him about his medical studies but that makes him sad as well. Sinon notices that he is online in GGO a lot and congratulates him for earning money but he admits he doesn’t earn much because of his agility built. Sinon notices the time and gets ready to leave. Shinkawa invites himself over to Sinon’s for dinner but she insists on honing her cooking skills before being ready to receive guests. She thanks him once again for earlier. He offers to walk her home from now on. She refuses politely.

At Sinon’s apartment, she wonders if her victory over Behemoth had any positive effects on her phobia. When she picks up a realistic replica of a gun, a terrifying memory is triggered. When Sinon was two years old, she and her mom left Tokyo to leave with her maternal grandparents after her father died in a car accident. She recalls the bank robbery events. The robber threatens to kill Sinon’s mom if the clerks don’t give him the money. Sinon attacks the robber by biting him on the hand that holds the gun. He drops the gun and Sinon grabs hold of it. As he struggles to get his gun back, he is accidentally shot but not fatally wounded. He resumes the attack on Sinon but she stops him by shooting at him, this time killing him. The memory makes Sinon physically ill.

As Kirito is driving to Toritsu Central Hospital, he is remembering the heated conversation he had with Asuna in ALfheim Online when he told her he was going to convert his account to GGO. Untrusting of Kikouka, Asuna understands Kirito’s reasons and urges him to be careful. He assures her and their friends that he will be back in a couple of days.

At the hospital, Kirito is greeted by nurse Aki who will monitor him as he forays into GGO. Aki hands him a note from Kikouka containing instructions. Kirito asks to be hooked to the network.


Kirito prepares to log into GGO

Sinon is on the phone with her grandpa assuring him that she is fine and she will be visiting during the break. When the conversation is over, she remembers it was Shinkawa who introduced her to GGO and she began playing in hope of curing her fear of guns. She is convinced that her peace of mind is related to her character’s accomplishments.

Death Gun is snooping on some players’ discussion about XeXeeD’s absence from GGO while looking at his next target, Sinon.