In ALO, at the forest cabin, Asuna organizes a barbecue for all of her friends. Silica mentions they would form a great team and Jun suggests to go do a raid. The team defeats a boss. Yuuki keeps attending school thanks to Kirito’s device. The Sleeping Knights and the old gang are now friends and have in-game adventures together. Asuna and the Sleeping Knights defeat the boss on floor 28 together. Yuuki and Kirito compete in the ALO tournament. Asuna’s grades get better. They take trips accompanied by Yuuki on Asuna’s shoulder. One day, Asuna gets a message from doctor Kurahashi informing that Yuuki’s state has worsened.


Asuna is with Yuuki in her final moments

Asuna rushes to the hospital. Yuuki is no longer connected to the Medicuboid. The doctor tells Asuna it’s a miracle how Yuuki is still alive. Yuuki opens her eyes and Asuna takes her hand. She persuades the doctor to connect her one last time to the Medicuboid. Asuna logs in ALO and they meet at their spot, the island where they’ve dueled. Yuuki creates a scroll with her unique sword skill but she suddenly collapses as she is very weak. She tells Asuna that the scroll is called Mother’s Rosario and it’s a gift for her. Asuna thanks her and promises to pass on the scroll too so it will never be forgotten. The rest of the Sleeping Knights arrive on the island. Kirito, Klein, and the girls show up too. Yuuki watches as lots of other players come to say goodbye. Asuna admits it was her who told everyone. Yuuki is happy that she is surrounded by friends in her final moments. She now realizes that her life makes sense despite all the suffering. Asuna promises Yuuki to be reunited again in another world.


ALO players saying goodbye to Yuuki

At Yuuki’s memorial service, Asuna is thinking how meeting Yuuki changed her life. A young woman approaches. Asuna recognizes Siune. She tells Asuna about her illness and that she is better now. Asuna remembers how Yuuki taught her to be strong and she is committed honoring Yuuki’s memory by teaching others how to be strong as well. The two girls hug. Siune tells Asuna that Yuuki’s last months were better because of her. She mentions that Jun is also doing better. Kirito and Dr. Kurahashi join them. Kirito’s project caught the doctor’s attention and they’ve been talking about it. Yuuki’s tests with the Medicuboid helped the doctor’s team advance the research. Dr. Kurahashi congratulates Siune on her recovery. He also mentions that the design for the Medicuboid was given to the hospital by someone called Rinko Koujiro. Kirito recognizes the name. She is the one who cared for Kayaba Akihiko during SAO. Kirito realizes that it was Kayaba who came up with the plans for the Medicuboid.

The whole gang including Agil and, thanks to Kirito’s invention, Yui, are having a picnic at the park. They are grateful to Yuuki for helping him develop the device. Kirito talks about the interaction between the virtual and the real world and how it brings out the worst in some people. Asuna mentions that for others it is quite beneficial. Kirito still hasn’t figured out Kayaba’s plans and he thinks that SAO players’ job is to discover it. He is more curious than ever. Kirito tells Asuna that he wants to always be with her. They join the rest of the gang for a group photo.