At school, during lunch break, Kirito is working on adapting the Bidirectional Communication Probe for Yuuki to use. Through the camera mounted on Asuna’s shoulder, Yuuki is able to take part in their classes.

Asuna walks around showing Yuuki the school. She introduces Yuuki to the teachers. Asuna’s schoolmates are happy to meet Yuuki. The class starts. The teacher asks Yuuki to read a text. She is nervous but she pulls through. After class, they walk around the city until it gets dark. They end up at Yuuki’s house. She remembers the happy days she spent there. They have a blast talking about boys and marriage. Yuuki remembers how her mother used to take them to church to pray. Now she realizes that her mother was praying for her to be strong. Asuna admits that she and her mother don’t understand each other. She asks Yuuki how she can be that strong. Yuuki says that most of the times she was faking it for her parents but now she just says what is on her mind. She encourages Asuna to talk to her mother.


Yuuki makes friends with Asuna’s schoolmates

Asuna decides to take Yuuki’s advice. As she steps into her mother’s room, Kyouko reminds her that she has one more day to fill out the transfer application. Asuna tells her mom that she must say something to her but it has to be in the virtual world. She pleads to her mother to give her five minutes so she can tell her how she feels. Her mother agrees but tells Asuna that she cannot be persuaded to change her mind about the school transfer. Asuna connects her mother to the AmuSphere and they both log in ALO. Her mother finds it weird to have another body. She notices that Asuna’s face looks a bit less puffy in the game than in the real world. Asuna opens the window and they both look at the snow outside. The surroundings remind Asuna’s mother of her parents’ house. Asuna remembers about a vacation she had there. Her mother couldn’t come as she had to join her husband, Asuna’s dad, to an important reception. Her parents weren’t upset that she didn’t make it. They were happy and proud of their daughter for becoming an accomplished scholar. Asuna’s grandad told her that he wants to keep this house for her mother to come back should she ever get tired and in need of a place to relax or to call home. Asuna says that her goal in life is to be happy and to make happy the people she cares about. She firmly says that she wants to keep attending her old school. Her mother starts crying.


Asuna and her mother in ALO

The next morning, during breakfast, Asuna’s mother tells her that she can stay in her old school as long as she has good grades and goes to college. Asuna is grateful to both her mother and Yuuki.