In ALO, Asuna is at the inn waiting for Siune. No one has heard from Yuuki in three days. Siune tells her that they are happy to have made an in-game memory but it’s best for everyone if Asuna forgets about the Sleeping Knights. She logs out.


Yuuki connected to the Medicuboid

Asuna is passing the dining room where her parents are having breakfast before going to school. Silica and Lisbeth show up asking Asuna about the new guild but they are interrupted by a ringing phone. It’s a message from Kirito. Asuna goes to the rooftop where Kirito is working on the project for Yui. Asuna tells Kirito that she still wants to talk to Yuuki and he tells her that he might know where she is. It looks like Yuuki is in the only hospital where tests for the Medicuboid are performed. Asuna walks into the hospital and tells the receptionist she wishes to see the patient that is testing the Medicuboid. The receptionist asks her to wait and she calls for Dr. Kurahashi. It looks like Yuuki informed her doctor that a girl named Asuna might come looking for her. Dr. Kurahashi says that he is surprised that Asuna managed to find Yuuki. Apparently, Yuuki talks a lot about her even though that makes her sad. Asuna wants to know why Yuuki refuses to see her. Dr. Kurahashi starts explaining what the Medicuboid is. It is a special full-dive device built for those who are in pain or who lack senses. He says that they are using it for terminally ill patients. Asuna wants to know more about Yuuki even if it will cause her pain. The doctor starts telling Yuuki’s story. There were complications when Yuuki was born and the blood that was used for the transfusion was infected with a virus. Yuuki lost her entire family to the virus and now she is as also dying. She had AIDS. Yuuki agreed to Dr. Kurahashi’s idea to become a test patient for the Medicuboid. It’s been three years since she is continuously logged in. The doctor tells Asuna that Yuuki had a twin sister that also died to the virus. Asuna starts crying. Yuuki speaks to her through the Medicuboid and tells her to log in on ALO using the AmuSphere in the next room.


Yuuki and Asuna meet in ALO

Asuna and Yuuki meet in ALO. Yuuki admits she is happy that Asuna found her in real life. Asuna hugs her. Yuuki remembers how she used to play ALO with her sister. They met other players who were terminally ill and they formed the Sleeping Knights guild. There used to be nine members. By next Spring, two more will be gone. Asuna is happy that she met them even if it’s just for a short while and asks Yuuki what her next adventure should be. Yuuki would like to go to school and Asuna gets an idea.