The fight begins. It’s Asuna and the Sleeping Knights versus one group and Kirito and Yui versus another group.

Everyone is amazed when Kirito manages to block spells with his sword. He has his GGO playtime to thanks for learning that. He tells the Sleeping Knights and Asuna that he can buy them a few minutes and draws Excaliber. At that moment, Klein joins the fight as well. Now, they have only one group to worry about. The Sleeping Knights valiantly head into battle. With Asuna’s help, they defeat the group and the way to the boss is now clear. Kirito encourages them as they walk into the room.


Asuna and the Sleeping Knights get ready to fight the boss

They get ready to engage the boss. Yuuki is grateful that Asuna’s friends showed up for them and insists that they should give Asuna something in return. Asuna says that she learned something valuable from them: that you have to fight for what you want.

The boss spawns and the fight begins. Asuna and Siune are supporting the team with healing. The fight is challenging but it’s going pretty well. Asuna has an idea and asks Siune to be in charge of healing for just 30 seconds. She casts a spell at the boss and realizes that it is always protecting a jewel on its chest. Asuna figures out that must be its weak spot. She shares the info with the rest of the team. They come up with a plan for Yuuki to jump using Jun’s shield and to pierce the boss’s jewel. The plan works and the boss is defeated. They are all tired but happy. The other group walks into the boss room and finds it hard to believe that the boss was already defeated.

The team teleports to the main plaza and plans to have a celebration party. Asuna suggests to have it at the cabin. Yuuki suddenly gets sad and Siune is about to refuse but suddenly Yuuki grabs Siune’s wrist and she agrees to Asuna’s offer. They go prepare for the party.


The celebration party

When they get to the cabin, they notice that someone already prepared some food and drinks. Next to them, Asuna finds a congratulation note. Everybody eats and drinks and has a good time talking about past MMO experiences. They notice that the cabin looks really cozy. Siune suddenly remembers that they promised Asuna drops from the boss as a reward but they spent it all on the party. Asuna asks to join the Sleeping Knights as a reward. Yuuki says that they will only be playing until Spring and most of them won’t be online anymore in a few months. Asuna wants to join despite all that because she wants to be friends with them. Although she finds it very hard, Yuuki says no. Asuna suggests they go check the Swordsman’s Memorial to see their names. Yuuki walks hand in hand with Asuna. They all take a picture in front of the monument. Asuna happily notices that Yuuki calls her “sis” for the second time but Yuuki starts crying and logs out.