In ALO, Yuuki takes Asuna to meet her guild, the Sleeping Knights. Asuna meets Jun, Talken, Nori, Siune, and Tecchi. They need Asuna’s help to defeat the floor’s boss with just one party.

The guild tells Asuna they want to do something memorable until Spring because real life issues will prevent them from playing together in a few months. Their objective is to have their names engraved on the Monument of Swordsmen. A party can have seven members but there are only six Sleeping Knights members so they decided to look for a seventh player. The duels were some sort of tryout to see who is strong enough to join them. Asuna agrees to help them. Later, she asks Yuuki if she remembers fighting against Kirito and why didn’t she offer him the seventh place in their party. Yuuki said he wasn’t a good match because he discovered her secret and she didn’t like that. The guild and Asuna set up a meeting for the next day.


Asuna agrees to help the Sleeping Knights

Asuna is enjoying an evening walk through the main plaza when she is disconnected from the AmuSphere by Kyouko because she is five minutes late for dinner. She argues with her mother saying that she could have said something instead of pulling the cord but Kyouko thought it was faster to disconnect her. She tells Asuna that if the game comes before real life one more time, she will confiscate her AmuSphere. Her mother doesn’t understand how she can still play VR MMOs after what happened in SAO. Asuna refuses to join her mother for dinner and instead goes outside for a walk.

In ALO, the Sleeping Knights and Asuna are discussing team roles. They go investigate the boss room. Asuna is amazed by how fast they’ve managed to defeat the monsters. Just as they are getting ready to step into the boss room, Asuna discovers three players hiding nearby. The trio says they are just waiting for their friends and have no intention to PvP. Asuna and the Sleeping Knights decide to just leave them be and go towards the boss. They discuss tactics before entering the room. The boss is a double-headed, four-armed giant. The team prepares to fight.


The Sleeping Knights and Asuna versus the boss

The Sleeping Knights and Asuna enter the main plaza. They are talking about how difficult the encounter is. Asuna tells them that the three players they met earlier are from a hardcore boss fighting guild and they were there to observe the fight so they can get information about the encounter. They were able to spy using a pet. Yuuki realizes that this happened before and this is how another guild managed to defeat floor 25 and 26 bosses before them. They figure it will take the others about an hour to gather a party so they decide to go back and defeat the boss.

To their dismay, they see 20 players waiting in front of the boss room. Asuna assures the Sleeping Knights they have time for one more try before the other group is full. She has an argument with a player who is preventing other groups from entering the room per his guild master’s orders. Yuuki steps in. She is prepared to fight her way through and the Sleeping Knights stand with her. Asuna realizes that she has to stand up to her mother but first she will help the Sleeping Knights. They see other players running towards the boss room and they are trapped between two groups. Suddenly, Kirito makes an entrance.