In Gun Gale Online, a player defeats a boss using a sniper gun and receives the PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate 2 weapon as a quest reward.


Sinon waiting in ambush

A few months later, a squad of PvP players is waiting in ambush for a PvE squad that is returning from a monster hunt. As they discuss tactics, the leader reassures them they’ve got nothing to worry about as the best sniper player is on their side. The sniper is Sinon, the player that has the Hecate 2 weapon. Ginrou, a player from the PvP squad, is confident that, even if Sinon misses, he is able to defeat the PvE players himself. He then makes a pass at Sinon. She cuts him off abruptly and the others start making fun of him. Their good time is interrupted by the approach of the PvE squad. They notice that the PvE squad has one extra member wrapped in a cloak following in the back. The PvP leader assumes he is the team’s carrier and doesn’t think of him as a threat. One player mentions that he looks like Death Gun. Despite Sinon’s warning to first take down the cloaked enemy, the leader decides otherwise. The PvPers move in closer towards the enemy while Sinon gets ready to snipe her target. With an accurate shot Sinon takes down her assigned target and goes for the cloaked player but misses. It turns out that he is carrying a mini-gun that he uses to take down Ginrou. The PvP leader now recognizes him as Behemoth, a player who works as a bodyguard. Sinon lays out a plan but the leader thinks they should just log out instead and abandon the fight. Convinced by her passionate speech, they eventually decide to go along with Sinon’s strategy. Sinon misses another shot at Behemoth. The leader charges at two enemies and takes them both down with a grenade but dies too. It’s only Sinon versus Behemoth now. Appalled by Behemoth’s smile, Sinon goes for the higher ground and she is shocked when he manages to spot her so fast. He shoots her in the leg but doesn’t notice when she gets into his blind spot. She charges at him from above and takes him out with a bullet straight to the forehead.


Sinon fighting Behemoth

In the real world, Sinon logs out and, although she defeated Behemoth, she doesn’t seem pleased as she also suffered damage to her leg. She commits to training harder.

In ALfheim Online, a team of three female avatars (Lisbeth, Leafa, and Silica) is fighting against a plant boss. After they win the fight they decide to wait in the same area for the monsters to spawn once more. One of them notices nearby Kirito and Asuna, and comments that they act so in love in the real world and in game as well. Kirito confesses to Asuna that he has something important to tell her.