Asuna goes over the details about Zekken one more time before she logs out. She wakes up in her apartment and gets ready for dinner with her family.

Asuna goes downstairs. She says goodbye to the maid who was just getting ready to leave and asks about her mother and brother. The maid tells that her brother is late and that Kyouko, her mother, is ready for dinner. Asuna goes into the dining room where her mother is already waiting. During dinner, they talk about ALO. Her mother believes that Asuna is wasting her time playing the game. Asuna tells her that she was actually studying with her friends in-game. Asuna is reminded that she is two years behind and that she needs to catch up faster. Kyouko decided to hire a tutor to help her transfer to another school so she can graduate on time and start college. Asuna opposes but her mother insists that the school she is currently attending is no more than an institution for SAO players and doesn’t provide any real education. She argues that she is not even sure she wants to go to college and one more year at her old school will help her figure that out. Kyouko believes that Asuna should already start thinking about a career and also marriage. She already has someone in mind. Asuna brings up her former engagement but Kyouko quickly dismisses the topic saying that Nobuyuki Sugou was her father’s choice. Asuna is surprised when her mother tells her that Kirito is not a good match for her. She leaves the table and, annoyed by her mother’s instructions concerning the school transfer papers, she reminds her about her background causing Kyouko to become angry. Back in her room, Asuna remembers the discussion she had with Kirito at the Imperial Garden about their future. She is determined to be with him. Asuna feels like no matter how powerful she may be in the virtual world, she is weak in the real one.


Asuna discusses with her mother over dinner

In ALO, Kirito and Asuna remember about the dinner they shared back in Sword Art Online, at Asuna’s place. Kirito tells Asuna that, during the fight with Zekken, he asked him if he is online a lot. That’s when he lost. He never got a reply from Zekken. Leafa, Lisbeth, and Silica show up telling Asuna that the duel is about to start.

The gang arrives at the duel island just in time to see a player defeated by Zekken. Asuna is shocked to find out that Zekken is actually a girl. She approaches Zekken and they go over the duel’s rules. It is revealed that Zekken’s name is actually Yuuki. The duel starts. Asuna notices that her opponent is really strong so she decides to go all out. Suddenly, she observes Kirito looking sad. The duel resumes. Asuna puts on a great fight and Yuuki is getting ready to use her powerful sword skill but she stops at the last moment. Yuuki reveals that she was dueling players to find someone who is strong enough and that player is Asuna. She grabs Asuna’s hand and flies away with her. Above the clouds, Yuuki tells Asuna that she needs her help.


Asuna and Zekken cross swords