Six days after the New Year’s Eve, In ALfheim Online, the team is having a quiet evening at their new home. They make fun of Kirito for falling asleep and they notice how tired he must be from school and from working on the project for Yui.

Four days before Christmas Eve, Kirito and Asuna are on a date at the Dicey Cafe. Andrew Gilbert Mills, the cafe owner and a fellow Sword Art Online and ALfheim Online player, mentions that they should go to other places as well. He tells them that he met his wife in an MMORPG. They talk about what kept them going through the Sword Art Online events and Asuna says it was Kirito who gave her a reason to fight. Agil tells them about the new ALO content update that will add floors 21-30 to the game. Kirito and Asuna think they might be able to get back the cabin they had in SAO. Agil tells them to hurry because the new patch will be released December 24th.


Asuna and Kirito on a date at the Dicey Cafe

On the day of the release, the team and a bunch of other players are fighting against a boss. They defeat it and the path to floor 22 where their cabin once was is now clear. Kirito, Asuna, and Yui find their old home and they buy it together. Yui transforms her appearance into that of a little girl as she walks inside.

Back in the present day, the girls leave Kirito sleeping inside the cabin and step outside to watch the sky. Lisbeth tells Asuna about a player nicknamed Zekken or the Absolute Sword. Asuna is not up to date with the recent news because she was offline for the holidays which she spent out of town with her family. Lisbeth teases her about the dates Asuna’s parents had planned for her. They resume talking about Zekken. No other ALO player was able to defeat Zekken in a duel so far. Even Leafa and Lisbeth were defeated by Zekken.


Lisbeth, Leafa, Silica, and Asuna talking about Zekken

The girls go back inside and keep talking about Zekken while having cake. There is a reward for the player that manages to defeat Zekken, a superior sword skill. Asuna keeps asking about Zekken’s techniques, race, and favorite weapon. She is sure Kirito would like to fight Zekken and the girls start laughing as Kirito already tried and lost. Lisbeth thinks that Kirito held back because he is more relaxed now and doesn’t take the game so seriously anymore but Leafa disagrees. Apparently, Zekken and Kirito said something to each other during the fight and that’s when Kirito lost. Asuna decides to fight Zekken as well. She asks Lisbeth if it’s possible that Zekken is an SAO player. Lisbeth admits that she thought about that too but Kirito told her it is not possible. If Zekken was a former SAO player then he would be the one with the dual-wielding skill, not Kirito.