Thanks to Yui’s warnings, the players are able to dodge attacks and to land blows on the boss. Freyja does massive damage with a spell and the rest of the team prepares to take over.

Thrym has two more full HP bars out of three and time is running out. The team takes lots of damage from the Thrym’s ice breath attack and Asuna heals them. Sinon distracts the boss while Klein and Kirito drink a potion. Freyja tells them that the only way to defeat the boss is by retrieving the treasure of her people which is a golden hammer. Leafa suggests to Kirito to use the lighting skill and he quickly finds the hammer. He barely manages to hurl it at Freyja. When she catches it, she transforms into Thor, the god of thunder. With a powerful tank on their side, the team inflicts massive damage on Thrym. Thor strikes Thrym in the head with his hammer defeating him for good. He thanks them all and gives Klein Mjolnir, the lighting hammer, as a reward. After Thor departs, Kirito congratulates Klein on his new weapon even though he cannot use it because he doesn’t have a hammer built. The Lady of the Lake spawns and tells them the next stage of the quest. They must retrieve Excaliber.


Kirito struggling to retrieve Excaliber

The team descends to Excaliber’s location and Kirito pulls the sword from its stand. As soon as the sword is removed, the fortress gets pierced by Yggdrasil’s roots and starts tearing apart. The platform on which the players are gets separated from the fortress. Leafa notices that the quest is complete but they are still trapped on the platform. Tonkii comes to the rescue. Kirito has to throw the sword away as it’s too heavy for him. Sinon uses her bow and shooting skills to retrieve the sword and hands it over to Kirito who promises to think about her when he will use it. They watch as the fortress breaks. The roots of the world tree cause Jotunheimr to become a green paradise once again. The Queen of the Lake, along with her two younger sisters, spawn and express their gratitude and allow Kirito to equip Excaliber. Klein, who is smitten by one of the sisters, asks for her number. She smiles and waves glitter at him but says nothing. Lisbeth admits that Klein has a good heart.


The heroes receive the Queen’s gratitude and rewards

At the Dicey Cafe, Kirito, Sinon, and Suguha are testing a system that will allow Yui to feel like she is at the cafe with them. Suguha tells Sinon that Kirito learned how to do this in his mechatronics class. They have a little party to celebrate their victory. Sinon mentions that the name of the sword in game is different from the one it has in Norse legends and she admits being a fantasy fan. The legend has it that only an extraordinary person can wield the sword and Lisbeth quickly suggests that Kirito should pay the check since he is so exceptional. They all laugh and he clumsily agrees.