The gang arrives at the dungeon’s entrance. Yui explains that unlike other VR MMOs, ALfheim Online is built in the same manner as Sword Art Online and their quest to stop the ice giants is generated by the game’s system based on real world myths. Because this MMO is based on Norse mythology, their quest will trigger a series of events that end with Ragnarok. The in-game equivalent of the mythic event is the destruction of all maps. Although it might be possible to recover players’ data, the game’s content will be forever lost. Klein tries to contact the support team but no one is online as New Year’s Eve is three days away and the team must already be on vacation. They decide to continue their quest.


Yui revealing important information about the quest

The team is having troubles fighting two mini-bosses. Kirito suggests they should all use magic and after Silica temporarily stuns one of the mini-bosses, they attack it with a magic technique. Each group member uses their special ability on the monster who is eventually finished off by Asuna. Without his friend, the other mini-boss poses no threat and it’s immediately taken down. After the fight, Klein asks Kirito about the new skill he just used. Kirito explains that it is not a new skill, it is a connected skill. He is using two one-handed swords but he is not using a dual-wielding skill. He is just using two swords at the same time. Asuna remembers about the time in Sword Art Online when Kirito revealed that he learned the dual-wielding technique. The medallion shows only one hour left so they rush to the boss room.


The last fight before the boss encounter

They deal with the last boss before the final encounter. On their way to the final boss, they meet a female NPC trapped in a cage who asks them to free her. They are convinced she is actually a boss as the NPC has an HP bar and if they release her they might have to fight her. Klein doesn’t care if it is a trap or not and he decides to free her as his samurai code compels him to save others. He shatters the prison bars with his sword. The NPC reveals that she cannot leave the dungeon before retrieving a treasure from the boss room and offers to accompany them. Freyja, the mage NPC, joins the party. Kirito explains some tactics and they proceed to the last boss. Freyja casts an HP buff. As they marvel at the sight of all the gold laying around, the boss reveals itself to them. Thrym says that if they tell him where the Queen of the Lake is, all that gold will be theirs. Klein declines his offer and his friends agree. Thrym notices Freyja and asks her if she is ready to become his wife. He says she entered his fortress under the pretext of marrying him but he caught her looking at the treasure and imprisoned her. Freyja asks Thrym to return her treasure and he is even more thrilled by her defiance. Klein promises to protect Freyja. The battle begins.