The date is December 28th. Kirito and Suguha are having breakfast in their home. Suguha shows Kirito a news about the legendary Excaliber sword being found in ALfheim Online but no player was able to retrieve it so far. Kirito remembers how a few months ago, he and Leafa (Suguha) got lost. They spotted two monsters fighting and saved one of them. It immediately turned into a flying mount that Suguha named Tonkii. As the monster was flying them up, Kirito saw Excaliber but never went back to get it. They decide to form a party and go after the rare item. Kirito calls Asuna to invite her on the sword quest.


Suguha and Kirito having breakfast

In ALfheim Online, Klein and Sinon (who is now part of the group) tell Kirito they have their eyes set on legendary weapons as well. As a former sniper, Sinon wants a bow. Leafa, Asuna, and Yui walk in and tell the gang that other players discovered an alternative path to Excaliber. The sword can be obtained as reward from a quest that requires killing monsters. Klein thinks this is all very suspicious. Lisbeth is done repairing their weapons. They make fun of Klein for using magic skills without even knowing it. Yui explains that a new update brought elemental skills that classify as magic. Kirito thanks everyone for helping him.


The team is ready to go retrieve Excaliber

The team takes a secret passage to Jotunheimr, the zone where Excaliber is. As they descend what it seems to be a never-ending flight of stairs, Kirito teases Sinon. They get to Jotunheimr and Asuna casts a freeze resistance spell to protect everyone from the cold. Leafa whistles and they hear Tonkii approaching. They mount on Tonkii’s back and head to the dungeon. Tonkii makes the flight more exciting by taking a dive but only Leafa seems to enjoy the thrills. On the ground, they see two monsters fighting and some players surrounding them. They notice that the players somehow seem to have one monster under control. They watch as multiple groups of players command four armed monsters to fight creatures from the same race as Tonkii. They figure out that must be the kill quest for the sword. All of a sudden, an NPC spawns behind them. She introduces herself as Uror, Queen of the Lake, and thanks them for being kind to creatures under her protection. She asks them to defend this land from the frost giants. Yui notices that she is more than an NPC, she is an AI. Queen of the Lake tells that Jotunheimr was once a beautiful sunny land where hill giants and creatures lived peacefully. Under this zone, the land of the frost giants ruled by Thrym is found. Thryim threw the Excaliber sword into the well that represents the heart of Jotunheimr severing the realm’s connection with Yggdrasil, the world tree. Jotunheimr was invaded by frost giants who built the fortress called Thrymheim. Their plan is to kill all Jotunheimr’s inhabitants and move on to the next world, Alfheim. The final objective is to reach the top of the world tree and take the golden apple. She explains that Thrym tricked players into killing Jotunheimr’s creatures. If Excaliber is taken from the dungeon then Thrymheim will be destroyed. Thrym knows this and has no intention of giving away Excaliber, instead, he will offer a sword that is similar in appearance. Queen of the Lake tells them now it’s the best time to assault Thrymheim because most of its army is busy killing her creatures. She gives the party a medallion that shows how many creatures are still alive. Their quest is to retrieve Excaliber before the last creature is killed. They all think this is pretty suspicious as there was no game update or news about such an event but are committed to retrieving the sword.