Kirito tells Sinon to run away. Shinkawa overpowers him and hits him with the syringe. Sinon hits Shinkawa in the head with a radio leaving him unconscious. She checks on Kirito. The syringe pierced him in an electrode that was still on his chest from the hospital so he is fine. Sinon checks Shinkawa’s pulse, he is alive. She thanks Kirito for saving her and starts crying.


Kirito saves Sinon from Shinkawa

At school, Sinon meets the three girls who used to bully her. She is way more confident this time. They ask for money and she says no. The leader takes a replica gun from her purse and points it at Sinon who looks like she is about to have another panic attack. The girl pulls the trigger but nothing happens. Sinon finds her cool, takes the gun, expertly identifies it, and says that it doesn’t fire if the safety is on. She takes off the safety, fires at a nearby can, and returns the gun. The other girl almost feints and Sinon walks away. After school, Kirito is waiting for Sinon in front of her school.

Kirito is recollecting a part of their meeting with Kikouka. He tells them that Shinkawa Kyouji and his brother, Shinkawa Shouichi, were caught but the third accomplice is still at large although they know his real name. The two brothers started the whole Death Gun thing after Shouichi got the premium cloaking device and obtained participants’ real info. They wanted revenge on XeXeeD for promoting agility as Kyouji was one of the players with an obsolete agility built. They stole the drug from their father and broke into XeXeeD’s apartment synchronizing his real death with the in game shooting. The three accomplices got even angrier as players were making fun of Death Gun and that’s when they decided to kill three more players, including Sinon. The Shinkawa brothers recruited a third who was a former Laughing Coffin member just like Shouichi. Kikouka tells them how Kyouji was supposed to inherit his father hospital as Shouichi was too sick. Shouichi was one of the Sword Art Online players. When he got out he told his brother how he killed people for real and they both thought that was cool. Kirito, Sinon, and Kikouka talk about how the virtual world can become a reality and one can get trapped in it. Sinon asks what is going to happen with the two brothers and Kikouka replies that they will be sent to a medical facility as their perception of reality is messed up. She believes that Kyouji put so much time and effort into GGO that the game became his reality instead of the real world. Sinon wants to visits Kyouji someday. Before leaving, Kikouka reads Kirito a message from Shouichi. The message says that Kirito will not be able to stop him and the fight is not yet over.


Kikouka. Sinon, and Kirito at the restaurant

Kirito takes Sinon to Dicey Cafe to meet Asuna and Lisbeth. Over drinks, he tells her what “sterben” really means but Asuna thinks there is not always a deeper meaning behind an avatar’s name. Kirito reveals to Sinon that he told Asuna and Lisbeth about what happened in her past and they have visited the town where it all happened because they believe they can do something to help. A young woman and a little girl join them at the table. The woman was one of the postal workers from the day of the robbery and she was pregnant with the little girl at that time. She thanks Sinon for saving both her life and her daughter’s. Kirito tells Sinon that it’s time to let go. The little girl hands Sinon a drawing she made for her and says thank you. Sinon’s mission to get stronger and to come to terms with her past is completed.


Kirito, Lisbeth, Asuna, and Sinon at the Dicey Cafe