Kirito took a few hits from Death Gun’s estoc but he is still standing. Sinon is watching their silhouettes and thinks appreciatively about Kirito facing his past.

Asuna and nurse Aki are watching the fight. Aki is worried that Kirito will dehydrate but Asuna tells her that the AmuSphere will disconnect if the wearer loses too much water. Asuna and Yui remotely encourage him.

Kirito is parrying Death Gun’s blows and something about his opponent’s red eyes triggers a memory from Sword Art Online. He remembers Death Gun’s name from Aincrad. It’s Red-Eyed XaXa. He calls it aloud and Death Gun stops. Meanwhile, Sinon got closer to them and has her bullet line on Death Gun who now has to watch for two opponents. He activates his cloaking technique but Kirito shoots him with the pistol preventing him from going in stealth. He uses his laser sword to cut him in two. Death Gun issues one more threat before dying. Kirito vows to find them in real life and stop them for good. Asuna and Yui sigh in relief.


Death Gun defeated

Sinon walks towards Kirito and they bump fists as they come near each other. Kirito thinks that the killer left Sinon’s apartment but thinks it’s a good idea to tell Kikouka to investigate her place. Sinon tells him her real name and address. He realizes that the hospital is close to her apartment and suggests paying her a visit after they log out but she doesn’t think it’s needed because she has a friend living nearby. Sinon asks for his real name and he tells it. With all participants defeated, it’s time for them to fight but Sinon thinks he would be an easy target after the match with Death Gun so they postpone it. She takes out a grenade, places it in Kirito’s palm, and gives him a hug. Fireworks announce the BoB winners: Kirito and Sinon. Looking at the scoreboard, Kirito figures out that Death Gun has at least two partners.


Sinon and Kirito are about to win the tournament

Sinon logs out and starts looking for signs of intrusion. She is startled by the door bell. It’s Shinkawa who brought pastries to celebrate the BoB victory. He praises her skills and reminds about their discussion before the tournament. He hugs her, telling that he will be protecting her from now on and that she doesn’t need Kirito anymore. She pushes him away as he acts weirdly. He gets up, comes closer to her, and takes a syringe out of his pocket. He tells her that the liquid will paralyze her and stop her heart. She remembers when Kirito suggested that Death Gun’s partner is using a drug to kill and that Shinkawa is a med student. He admits he is Death Gun’s accomplice and it’s the first time when he is doing the real world part as he was Sterben until now. He and the other guy are brothers but he wouldn’t let anyone else get close to Sinon. He tells her why they are doing all this. Shinkawa lost track of his real world goals to become the strongest GGO player and he followed XeXeeD’s advice about the agility built. He killed XeXeeD as punishment for deceiving players about the stats. Now he wants a life with Sinon in a fantasy VR MMO. As he caresses her face he confesses he fell in love with her when he heard that she killed someone for real and that he picked Death Gun’s pistol to be the same as the one the robber had on purpose. Sinon zones out and is ready to give up when her GGO avatar takes shape and encourages her to keep fighting. She snaps out, punches Shinkawa, and starts running towards the door but he grabs her. Right at that moment, the door opens and Kirito appears, launching himself at a crazed Shinkawa.