Kirito checks the map and notices that something doesn’t add up when he counts the players. There is one who seems to be missing.

He returns to the cave and tells Sinon there are only three more players, besides the two of them, left in the tournament. They are thinking that Death Gun has taken down the most players. Sinon gives Kirito some info on Yamikaze, the player that is closest to them. Some think Yamikaze is the most skilled GGO player but he is at a disadvantage because of this agility built. Sinon believes Yamikaze is Death Gun’s next target and she thinks they should let him take him down to determine Death Gun’s location. She doesn’t believe that Yamikaze is at real risk because the killer is at her house. Kirito thinks it’s a brave plan. He speculates that Death Gun may have more accomplices in real life. There are at least 10 Laughing Coffin members so there could be an entire team. Sinon wonders why they would do such a thing. Kirito believes murder is in their nature just like sword fighting is in his. Sinon thinks they are cowards and she commits to stopping them too. Kirito is convinced that the only way to make peace with the events from his past is to put an end to Laughing Coffin killing spree. Sinon decides to take Yamikaze down herself. She and Kirito bump fists and leave the cave.


Kirito and Sinon prepare to go after Death Gun

Sinon sets up her sniper gun and watches Kirito. She is thinking she cannot fail as her life and others depend on it. Kirito hears Yamikaze coming from the south-west but he is not worried because he knows Sinon got his back. He keeps thinking about Laughing Coffin members he fought in Aincrad and which one of them could be Death Gun. Just in time, he manages to dodge a bullet. Yamikaze is defeated by Sinon whose attention now shifts to Kirito. He deflects Death Gun’s bullets charging towards his location. Sinon snipes Death Gun but, at the same time, he spots her and snipes back at her. She shoots his weapon and he destroys her Hecate’s scope. Kirito is launching himself at Death Gun who stabs him in the shoulder with a hidden estoc.


Kirito dodging Death Gun’s bullet

Asuna is talking to Yui on the phone while she rides the elevator to Kirito’s room in the hospital. Although Kirito has an elevated heart rate, nurse Aki assures Asuna that he is all right. The screen on the wall shows Kirito fighting against Death Gun. Asuna sees Sterben (Death Gun) wielding the estoc and remembers that one of the Laughing Coffin leaders was using the same type of weapon. Nurse Aki tells Asuna that “sterben” is medical jargon for dead patient.

Death Gun calls Kirito “black swordsman” and tells him that his estoc is a uniquely crafted weapon. He makes fun of Kirito for using a light saber and thinks the real world has made him soft. Kirito reveals that he remembers about the Laughing Coffin. Death Gun declares himself a real red player and thinks that Kirito is a coward for killing only in self defense. Kirito tells Death Gun that he figured out how he is killing players and that is just a matter of time until he gets caught. Death Gun reveals something that Kirito forgot. After the assault on the Laughing Coffin in Aincrad, Kirito told Death Gun that he doesn’t care what his name is. This is why Kirito cannot remember his name, he never knew it in the first place. Death Gun attacks Kirito with the estoc.