In the cave, Sinon asks Kirito how he dealt with killing those players and he confesses he didn’t and he has nightmares about it. He thinks that he should not forget what happened but to accept it.

Sinon and Kirito are talking about Death Gun and his motives. Kirito says that Death Gun likes to put on a show before killing his victims. Suddenly, he remembers that Death Gun had his handgun out to kill Sinon but when he noticed Kirito he switched to his sniper rifle. He starts putting all the info together and it becomes clear now that people cannot be killed for real by shooting them in the game. This means that Death Gun prepares for the murder in real life before shooting his targets in GGO. Kirito is sure that Death Gun obtained info on players from the terminals they use to register for the tournament. He determines there are at least two people involved in this. While one is killing players in GGO as Death Gun, the other kills them in real life. Sinon asks how the killer broke into their homes that easily and Kirito mentions that both victims were living alone and they couldn’t have heard anything because they were emerged in GGO. Kirito then speculates that the killer injected them with a substance that caused heart failure. A proper autopsy couldn’t be performed because both bodies were in an advanced state of decay. Kirito also realizes that Death Gun makes the sign of the cross so he can look at his watch to synchronize the attack with his partner’s. He also thinks that Sinon is the next target and that the killer might already be in her apartment waiting for Death Gun to shoot her in the game. As she thinks about this she gets a panic attack but Kirito calms her down by telling her that as long as Death Gun doesn’t shoot her she is safe and that she must not log out.


Kirito and Sinon talking in the cave

Kikouka joins Kirito’s friends in ALfheim Online at the cafe where they are watching the tournament. They demand to know what is going on. Kikouka is amazed that Yui already knows about the two killed GGO players. He explains that there is no way of killing someone in real life by killing them in game and it’s not the game gear that causes the death. Asuna starts telling Kikouka about Death Gun and Laughing Coffin but she is interrupted by Lisbeth who is sure that Kikouka already knows this. He admits he was in the Sword Art Online Task Force but, despite his connections and resources, he cannot obtain info on GGO players and that’s why he asked Kirito to do it. Asuna extracts Kirito’s whereabouts from Kikouka and plans on going to the hospital.


Yui, Kikouka, and Asuna talking about Death Gun

Kirito tells Sinon that the plan is to defeat Death Gun in GGO preventing his real life partner from killing Sinon in her apartment. She suggests they should go after Death Gun together as they make a good team. Kirito decides to go as bait to determine Death Gun’s location so Sinon can take him down. Suddenly, Kirito notices the broadcasting drone above their heads. Sinon tells him not to worry as it didn’t hear what they were talking. They start thinking what will watchers think if they see them together. The stream stops and they get ready to head out. They realize Death Gun’s GGO name is Sterben.