Sinon is incapacitated on the ground. She draws her handgun but drops it as she is too terrified at the sight of the weapon that caused her trauma.

Death Gun gets sniped in the shoulder just as he was getting ready to shoot a panic-struck Sinon. He retreats and grabs his sniper gun but runs away at the sight of a grenade. It turns out it’s just a smoke grenade. Kirito lifts Sinon in his arms and runs away. They come across two mounts, a horse and a buggy. Sinon says that the horse is faster but harder to control. Kirito decides to take the buggy and asks Sinon to shoot the horse but she is too frightened to pull the trigger. Eventually, Death Gun catches up to them, mounts the horse, and the chase starts. Kirito urges Sinon to shoot at Death Gun to slow him down but once again panic gets the best of her. He encourages her by putting his hand on hers and she gathers the strength to pull the trigger. She misses Death Gun but shoots the gas tank of a nearby vehicle. They watch Death Gun being caught in the explosion.


Death Gun caught in the explosion

Sinon and Kirito drive through the desert and hide in a cave to avoid being tracked by the system. Kirito thinks Death Gun might use some cloaking technique and Sinon confirms that such a feature exists in GGO but it is useless in the desert. They become somehow more relaxed and start talking about how Kirito came back to help Sinon. He realized that Jushi X cannot be Death Gun as that player is a woman. He defeated her fast, took her gear, and rushed to save his partner. Sinon is disappointed with herself and although Kirito tries to console her, it doesn’t help much. He admits he is afraid of Death Gun, but he has no other choice than to stop him as there are important things he needs to protect. Sinon suggests to wait for the end of the tournament in the cave but Kirito reminds her that Death Gun might kill players so he needs to do something about it. Sinon is preparing to face her fears and wants to return to the fight even if that means dying for real. Kirito tries to persuade her not to give up on her life so easily as there must be people who care for her, with him being one of them. Sinon breaks down in tears and refuses any consolation. Later, after she calms down a bit, she tells Kirito about the robbery, her gun phobia, and why playing GGO is like therapy for her. Kirito confesses that he also killed someone. He tells her all about Sword Art Online, the Laughing Coffin guild, and that Death Gun was among the Laughing Coffin members who were stopped by Kirito.


Kirito and Sinon hiding in the cave