In an online bar in the hardcore virtual reality MMO, Gun Gale Online, players are watching a live edition of the MMO Steam show. Flamboyantly, XeXeeD, one of the two guests, comments about agility not being the top GGO stat anymore. He also declares that he will win the next game tournament. Yamikaze, the other guest, tells him not take the tournament for granted. XeXeeD silences him by pointing out that Yamikaze is just bitter because he is still using agility. The audience is annoyed as XeXeed was known to promote agility in the past. Suddenly, a hooded man from the bar starts threatening XeXeeD and calling him a fake. The others laugh while the stranger shoots at XeXeeD’s image on the screen. Inexplicably, XeXeeD seems to be in pain and disconnects. In a metallic voice, the killer reveals his name, Death Gun, and proclaims that he holds the true power.

Death Gun

In the real world, a year after the events of Sword Art Online, Asuna is waiting for Kirito as she ponders over the difference between the real and the virtual world. Kirito approaches her and says that it’s the amount of information that is the difference. The two realize that they are coincidentally wearing outfits similar to the ones they wore in Aincrad. As they stroll through the Imperial Palace East Garden, Kirito tells Asuna that the East Garden’s location within Tokyo and the fact that it’s cut off from the main network make it a secluded place in the middle of the city. He points out the park has an intranet. On a bench in the Gohoudai Ruins, Asuna and Kirito talk about the future, the latter revealing his dreams to create a new way to access the virtual reality. Asuna admits that her only dream is to be with Kirito but, as he is visibly shocked by her affirmation, she promptly corrects herself saying that she was talking about Yui. Kirito is confident that this will be possible when the technology behind virtual reality will be able to replicate feelings like touch and taste, not just the audio and visual perception.


Kirito and Asuna chatting

Kirito remembers about the meeting he had with Kikouka Seijirou in a restaurant earlier that day. Kikouka acts friendly as he treats Kirito to expensive desserts. Kirito then remembers how Kikouka, the leader of the Task Force and member of the VR Section from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, was the first person he saw in the hospital when he woke up. Kikouka reveals the reason he asked Kirito to meet him. Two men were found dead in their homes while wearing their AmuSphere. In both cases, the cause of death was heart failure. Both of them were top GGO players and one of them was XeXeeD. He died at the same time Death Gun shot the screen in the bar. The second victim was also shot by Death Gun while he was online. As Kikouka and Kirito speculate on the possibility of killing someone by shooting them in a VR world, Kirito realizes that the meeting is not a courtesy call and gets up from the table. Kikouka lures him back with another dessert. He then asks Kirito to enter GGO to approach Death Gun. as they have no other way to investigate the two deaths. Kirito remembers about all the players killed in Aincrad.

In the present moment, back on the bench in the Gohoudai Ruins, Kirito and Asuna discuss how the virtual world seems to follow a real world model just like how the Garden is the heart of Tokyo. They agree to have a picnic with friends next time they visit the Garden.