Kirito and Asuna had no other choice except running away from the “Gleam Eyes Boss”. While having a meal together, Asuna wondered how Kirito doesn´t use a shield. Meanwhile, Klein and his guild met with them, and he liked Asuna immediately.sao_episode_9 Interrupted by the army of the Aincard Liberation Force guild, Kirito was forced to cooperate with the army by giving them the map leading to the boss. Kirito handed the map but warned them about how dangerous the boss is. The army didn´t take the warning into consideration, so they were being killed by the boss one by one until Kirito, Asuna and Klein heard the screaming and went to help the rest out. The boss was too strong that the three of them couldn´t handle him, so Kirito had to use his secret duel-sword hidden skill that no other player can have.sword_art_online_episode_9 Kirito won for sure, but the fight left him weak and unconscious. When he woke up, Asuna gave him a big hug that shows how worried she was. Klein and his guild left warning Kirito from jealous players. Now Asuna understands why Kirito doesn´t use a shield. On floor 55, Asuna´s Knight of Blood guild didn´t accept Kirito to took their best player. Heathcliff proposed a duel to fight for Asuna´s freedom from the guild, and Kirito agreed. sword_art_online_season_1_episode_9 Will he win Asuna back to team up again? Check the next episode!