On Floor 35: Lost Forest, another guild was leaded by Roselia; a mean player who likes to kill other players. On the other hand, there was an innocent little girl called Silica who left this guild because of underestimating her power and considering her as an unimportant player. While running in the forest, monsters attacked little Silica, she had nothing by her side except her best friend Pena who was killed to protect her. Silica´s death was so close, until Kirito suddenly appeared and defeated the monsters to save her, and when she wondered why, he replied “It is because you look like my little sister”

Pena left a feather that was her heart, with the help of Kirito, Silica had hope that she can revives it . The only way to do that was to go to the Hill of Memories on floor 47 and to reach a flower on the top. The flower wont bloom unless the familial master is there, and the only time to revives it was 3 days so Kirito had to take Silica with him. That night Kirito showed Silica the way to floor 47 and the next morning they went there together.
On the way to the hill of happiness, Silica faced some challenges that made her stronger by the help of Kirito. When they got the flower, Roselia appeared to take it but Kirito refused so they had a battle together where she invited her team that couldn´t beat him because he is level seventy-eight so his battery recharges every 60 seconds so he sent them all to prison for all the bad things they did. Before he returned to his levels, Kirito said some words to Silica: “Levels are just numbers, and a person´s strength in this world is just an illusion “then she revived Pena back.