A group of players celebrated the victory that night, they thanked Kirito for it and asked him to join their guild.
Everyone was satisfied with his position of fighting except Sachi; the only girl in the group who wasn´t sure about being in the front position and who was afraid of dying due to a game!
Kirito tried his best to keep her faith in surviving.
Keita, a member of the group had enough money to buy a house and to get experience at floor 27 instead of 20
In this house, they found a box and thought that it was a treasure, but in fact it wasn´t. As they opened the box, a battle started and they couldn’t escape it using their crystals,Sword_Art_online_Episode_3 so they started dying one after the other, even Sachi died… Keita who knew what happened from Kirito committed suicide. Now, Kirito was left alone moving on with his levels to reach floor 47. sao-episode_3
On Christmas eve, Kirito re meets his friend from the first episode “Klein” who also joined another guild, Klein and his group faced a battle and Kirito also did with a Santa monster (The Boss)! But he survived and got an item, this item was a chance of re surviving within the 10 seconds of death. Kirito gave it to Klein, since he already lost someone special (Sachi). That night was sad and lonely for Kirito. He received a gift from Sachi, it was a record thanking him for everything and telling him not to blame himself for her death. Kirito was listening to her words with tears coming out of his eyes…