When Kasatu reached the hospital to see Asuna, Suguo appeared at the parking and tried to kill him for real as a revenge. Kasatu knows that he is a hero and Suguo is just a looser, also he wouldn’t accept to lose his meeting with Asuna.sao_episode_25 So he stood up tall and took the knife Suguo had. Kirito didn’t kill Suguo, but kept him on the floor waiting for the police to arrive. Suguo was arrested, he confessed everything and his company was closed. Alfheim online data was transferred to a new company that decided to keep it online and running. The hero ran to his true love who was waiting for him in her hospital’s room. “Finally it is all over” said the two feeling the warmth of a hug for the first time in the real world. Thanks to Kirito, all the other players woke up and were able to return back to their normal life. They and the couple attended school to complete their studies and to be re-introduced to the real world. sword_art_online_episode_25 The players also invited Suguha, Kasatu and Asuna to a real meeting at Agil’s place where they had a party congratulating Kirito for winning SAO. When Kasatu gave Agil the World Seed to check it, it turned out to have the potential of allowing each player to create his own virtual world reintroducing the concept of virtual reality games to the general public. It also allows the players to be united in all worlds. Suguha turned back to the virtual reality world trying to fly as high as possible, Kirito caught her when she couldn’t and told her that she is strong enough and that he believes in her. Kirito then asked Leafa to be his partner in the new upcoming game which is SAO revived using the World Seed!
Now, Kirito’s aim is to win SAO again, but this time by reaching level 100sword_art_online_season_1_episode_25


I wonder how the adventure will be this time!
See you guys on the next season!