Kirito and Yui teleported reaching the top of the World Tree. Few steps separates Kirito from fulfilling his aim; reaching Asuna. With all his speed, Kirito ran and entered Asuna’s cage by Yui’s help. sao_episode_24 The sweet family reunited but not for long. Unfortunately, a super power made Yui disappear and kept the couple paralyzed from pain. It was Oberon (Suguo) who appeared strapping Asuna then taking Kirito’s sword and stabbing it into his body. Oberon increased Kirito’s pain level and kept him suffering on the floor. What made Kirito suffer more was witnessing the rape of Asuna by Oberon. Suddenly, Heathcliff (Kayaba Akihiko); the original creator of SAO, inspired Kirito’s mind with some words that made him take off the sword out of his body and challenge Oberon. Oberon was shocked to notice that Kirito’s account can rank higher than him.sword_art_online_episode_24 Kirito reminded him that he is nothing but a thief, and that he has no true power. Kirito also revealed that he is accessing Heathcliff account. Since Oberon kept all the old data of SAO in Alfheim Online, Kirito was able to access it destroying Suguo’s character. Finally, Oberon was dead and Alfheim will no longer exist. ”You are my hero” said Asuna hugging Kirito. Kirito then logged Asuna back to the real world where she will wake up safely. Kayaba Akahiko’s shadow congratulated Kirito for his victory, but when Kirito was about to thank him, Kayaba said that he wants something in return. He gave Kirito a World Seed; which is a new virtual world! Now Kirito is responsive for a new virtual world!
Yui appeared back telling Kirito that she has taken refuge in his nerve gear, so that he can have her data for ever. Kirito said goodbye for his daughter and went back to the real world. Back to the real world, he opened his eyes and found Suguha anxiously waiting for him. Kirito thanked Suguha(Leafa) for all her help, and she in return was happy to know that her big brother saved his true love. Kirito went to the hospital to meet with Asuna for real; in the real world… sword_art_online_season_1_episode_24
Finally, we’ll see the love birds together in the real world!
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