Suguha’s feelings for Kasatu made him remember the gap that was made between them when he discovered that he doesn’t belong to this family. sao_episode_23 He used to play online games to find a place where he belongs. “See you at Arun” said Kasatu to Suguha who locked herself inside the room. Back to the game, Recon (Shinichi) saw Leafa’s tears that he didn’t accept. Recon finally surprised Leafa by admitting his love feelings for her.sword_art_online_episode_23 When Kirito and Leafa met, they had a sword’s fight that ended up by them letting go of their swords and hugging each other somehow truly like a brother and sister. Kirito said to her that his aim of entering Alfheim was to see and rescue Asuna. Accepting his true feelings, Leafa insisted on helping him again taking Recon with her. So the three of them and Yui went to fight the Guardians at the base of the World Tree. Kirito asked Leafa and Recon to heal him with their spells every time he loses his power, and so they did. When Leafa told Recon that this is so important to her, he used the black magic that killed a huge amount of the Guardians but also lead to his death. While things were getting worse, the Sylphs and Caith Sith arrived and gave a big help that made Kirito reaches the clearing at the top of the dungeon. Now Kirito is on the top of the gate, but he couldn’t enter. “It was never designed for a player to cross” said Yui. Kirito remembered the pass card that Asuna dropped, so he gave it for Yui who then unlocked the gate! sword_art_online_season_1_episode_23
Is it the end? Will Kirito truly reaches his aim this time?
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