Unfortunately, Kirito bumped into the barrier that no player can fly above. Yui started screaming “Mommy” in a voice that Asuna heard, so she dropped down the pass card she had as a signal for Yui and Kirito down the tree.sao_episode_22 There was no choice for Kirito other than going to the base of the tree and facing all the difficulties on his way to the top of it. He said goodbye for Leafa and asked her not to accompany him because it is dangerous. The challenge between Kirito and the Guardians of the World Tree was tough enough for Kirito to be killed… Yes, Kirito was dead. As he was contemplating his fate, Leafa jumped into the battle, she was injured but tried her best to go out of the dungeon holding Kirito’s soul in her hands. Leafa made it out, she revived Kirito who insisted on going back to the fight again! sword_art_online_episode_22
“No Kirito, Stop! You are so important to me…” said Leafa.
“I have to see her again, I have to see ASUNA” said Kirito.
Directly, Suguha related all the events. “Is that you, Kasatu?” she said. He knew then that she is Suguha. It was the biggest shock for Suguha to know that Kirito is Kasatu! She logged out to the real world where she cried like she never did before. Kasatu who was also shocked, returned back to the real world knocking on Suguha’s room’s door. She opened yelling at him and confessing that she knows the truth about them being cousins and that she always loved him… She thought that Kirito would make her forget her feelings for Kasatu. But now she was disappointed to discover that they are the same person!
“I’m sorry” said Kasatu.
“Just go away…” answered Suguha closing the door back. sword_art_online_season_1_episode_22
Well, things are getting clear now. What will happen next?
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