Kirito and Leafa arrived to Arun: the center of Alfheim and the largest city of it.sao_episode_21 Reaching Arun, they are now close enough to the World Tree. Out of her cage, Asuna tried to discover the way, she found a map that lead her to an experiment room where she found all the players’ tired brains. Asuna wanted to put an end to this illegal work managed by Suguo who hired two slugs’ scientists to control the players’ brains while being asleep. sword_art_online_episode_21 While Asuna was about to log out and save the players from this damage, the slugs busted her. They returned her to the cage, so now Asuna lost her attempt to log out of Alfheim, but she managed to steal a card from the console. Back to the real world, Kirito (Kasatu) and Leafa (Suguha) visited Asuna in the hospital where Suguha was hurt by Kasatu’s affection for Asuna. In Alfheim, Leafa told Kirito that her heart was broken in the real world, but she didn’t say how. Then the two of them completed their way getting nearer to the World Tree. Suddenly, Yui felt that her “Mommy” is above them at the tree, she censored Asuna’s Id. When Kirito heard that, he flied with all his energy up leaving Leafa shouting for him on the ground.
Will Kirito reaches his aim in the next episode?
Watch it to know!